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Top left: Tess Myers, Bottom left: Yong Hong Zhong, Center panel: Allen Schmertzler, Top right: Still Life with Joanne Mehl, Bottom right: Marit Gunderson Keller (age 10)

Dedicated to the education and nurturing of talent in the visual arts since 1926. The Oregon School of Arts offers classes and workshops. 
The Gallery is a community gallery with monthy shows.
All are welcome!

Classes and Workshops

Explore our classes and 2-3 day workshops. Offerings by professional artists are available for all experience levels!

Monthly Artist Demos

OSA hosts month art demonstrations on 2nd Thursday evenings. Follow link to our upcoming demos.

Join Us!

Become an OSA member and receive discounts on classes, workshops, gallery entry and invitations to special events!

Contact Us

(503) 228-0706

Oregon Society of Artists

2185 SW Park Place
Portland, Oregon, 97205

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