A message from Board Director and Building & Site Committee Chair, Ken Lundgren

Our OSA facility has a very special history and is a wonderful asset that few art societies enjoy. Constructed in 1954 and expanded in 1960, it has served us well but now requires some tender loving care. The goal of the OSA Building & Site Committee has been to establish facility design criteria, document required repairs, identify future improvements, & explore potential concepts for expansion. The committee, chaired by Ken Lundgren, includes Tim Mahoney, Mike Porter, Gail Joseph, Pam Shabaz, and Tedd Chilless. Our current focus includes the following:

Cleanup – Many items that are no longer needed can be found in the Lower Level of the Annex and on both sides the Stage. We are currently seeking input from instructors & students to determine what may be sold, donated, or jettisoned. 

Building Code related issues – Handicapped accessibility i.e. a designated parking space and modifications to our existing ramp in the Annex Lower Level. Also, it would be beneficial to replace entry doors to the Gallery Ground Level and the Lower Level Annex with automated units to assist access.

Office Area – We are short of desk space for current staff. We intend to utilize portions of Ground Level storage rooms for office use and provide storage of easels, tables, and chairs in the area beside the Stage.

Lower Level Annex – After the Lower Level Annex hallway is cleaned, we will construct improved and efficient storage for:

  • Tables & chairs
  • Vertical storage slots for oil and acrylic paintings
  • Flat storage shelves for watercolor paintings
  • Secured storage for instructors (paper, canvas, tools, paints, etc.)
  • As space allows, our committee discussed the potential of providing student lockers available on a rental basis.

We intend to use a contractor to assist with modifications to office areas and Lower Level storage. The ramp and automated entry doors will be accomplished over time as resources allow.  See sketches below.


OSA Building Renovation proposed site plan
proposed Site Plan - drawing by Ken Lundgren 


OSA Building Renovation proposed Ground Floor plan
proposed Gallery Ground Floor - drawing by Ken Lundgren


OSA Building Renovation proposed Lower Level
proposed Lower Level Annex - drawing by Ken Lundgren


About the OSA Building Renovation Plan

Plan overview

The OSA Board of Directors adopted the goal of renovation and reconfiguration of the OSA's current building to best take advantage of and honor OSA's heritage, location, and parking amenities. Renovation is both the most cost effective and least disruptive to program functioning. The renovations will double instructional space, while also modernizing the mid-century two-story building to meet 21st century standards. The renovation will move the office from the back of the building, where it is relatively inaccessible, to the front of the building. The renovation also will include an addition, which will increase gallery space to hold larger shows, or when divided to feature two exhibits concurrently. A two-phase renovation plan allows all exhibits to continue showing through construction while classes and workshops will be moved to nearby satellite locations.

Phase 1

This phase of construction will completely renovate the lower level of the OSA building by making a large classroom that can also be used for workshops. During this time, the renovation will also add a state of the art archive room, an ADA-compliant restroom and ramp, and a classroom on the upper (ground) floor). Throughout the building the 1950's vintage windows, masonry, and overhead lighting will be replaced.

Phase 2

Once Phase 1 is completed, construction will begin to expand the gallery into exterior courtyard space at the corner of SW

Park Place and SW St. Clair Avenue. This construction will move the office to the front of the building and refurbish the existing restrooms, kitchen and storage area. Most critically, this addition significantly expands the gallery space, one of OSA's most important resources. This expansion will allow OSA to more than double its capacity to offer professional gallery exhibits to more diverse and numerous artists.

OSA Building Renovation Phase 2 Rendering
Phase 2 Rendering - Ken Lundgren


The OSA is already offering more classes, workshops and exhibits than ever before in its history. These are filled to capacity, and the clear demand for more tells us we are filling an important niche in Portland's arts community. The current OSA building was originally conceived of and designed for fewer activities without workshops, classes and demonstrations overlapping. 

The renovations will double classroom and workshop space, and will increase gallery space to allow two shows simultaneously.

Contribute to the OSA Building Renovation Plan

Thank you to the many generous members of the community who have already contributed towards making this Plan possible!  Please consider making a contribution toward this project to help OSA continue serving and supporting Portland artists.  Your support may be sent directly to OSA with a note indicating your help is for the "OSA Building Renovation".  Or donate through this site and let use know by email or phone that your contribution is for Building Renovation. (contact information below).