The Oregon Society of Artists is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the education and nurturing of talent in the visual arts.

Our Mission is to promote the visual arts in the diverse communities of our region with educational and exhibition opportunities for artists at all levels of accomplishment 

Thank you for considering a donation to the Oregon Society of Artists.  You may donate securely through this web site using Paypal, or you may download a form to print and mail with a check.  Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to promote the visual arts in our region!

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Thank You to Our Generous Donors:

Pass the Beret 2017

For the past several years there has been an opportunity for members to assist with funds for general operations of the Society.

A request is made annually to the membership for assistance. The Board and membership thank those donating in the year 2017 for their generosity.

Anonymous (18)
Armitage, Ruth
Aumann, Cynthia
Bailey, Arthur
Baker, Dee
Beatty, Greata
Becic, Robin
Bekooy, Donna
Bell, Lynda
Bellovary, Wendy
Berg, Karen
Bertelsen, Marabee
Black, Shari
Blatner, Jean
Blumenthal, Susan
Boylan, Brenda
Brooks, Andy
Brown, Julia
Burlingame, Natalie
Burpee, Mary Beth
Carboni, Steven
Chadwick, Elizabeth
Chamie, Mary
Chase, Jaromey
Clapp, June
Clark, Donna
Cole, Vicki
Coppett, Mary
Cramer, Catherine
Croft, Ron
Davis, Meredith
Dawson, Robert
Deitz, Naomi
Delaney, Dave
DePriest, Ginette
Deshaye, Patrick
Dickason, Jerry
Ding, Mai
Dunn, Judith
Durham, Gail
Ebert, Suzanne
Edwards, Mike
Erickson, A
Ford, Katherine
Friedman, Adele
Fucile, Geri
Fulton, Phyllis Jean
Gaffield, Richard
Gassaway, Carol
Gekler, Colleen
Gellatly, Scott
Gow, Jack
Grady, Jim
Gratteri, Lieta
Gray, Louise
Hall, Rosalie
Hanis, Sandra
Hankins, Jeanette
Hansen, Sharon
Hawthorne, Dotty
Hickerson, Brooks
James, Michael
Johnson, Nancy
Joseph, Gail
Kang, Stephanie
Kaplan, Ross
Katzev, Aphra
Kelly, JoAnne
Kiang, Sharon
Kitts, T
Kleier, Steve C.
Kuester, Kris
Lehman, Moya
Li, Henry
Lind, Gaylord
Logan, Katherine
Lommasson, Cindy
Lonsbrough, Donald
Lundgren, Ken
Luzinski, Mary
Mackessy, Kristine
Maher, Kathy
Mahoney, Tim
Markiw, Rick
Mary Schmitt
Masterson, Barbara
Mathews, Bobbie
Matsuo, Marcia
Matusow Naomi C.
McCauley, John
McGill, Meg
McLean, Barbara
McNally, Jack
McNerney, Jerry
Medical Eye Services, Inc.
Meier, Becky
Meigs, Gilbert
Millering, Arlene
Mitchell, Lois
Mitchell, Susanne
Mooney, Kristie
Moore, Dorothy
Morin, Anne
Morris, Janet
Mounts, Dana
Murphy Cremer, Joan
Musto, Michael
Northwest Pastel Society
Nothern, Laura J
Olson, Rebecca
Papich, Paul
Pari-Mueller, JoAnn
Parman, Sue
Pebworth, Dave
Pike, Marney
Pitts Forbes, Laura
Porter, Mike
Putnam, Carol
Raphael, Mila
Reece, John
Richards, Gloria
Roberts, Del
Robinson, Jack
Robison, Judy
Rook, Linda
Rueda, Jennifer
Samuelson, Martin
Sause, Eunice
Scheewe Radich, Camille
Schmertzler, Allen
Schneider, Susan
Shahbaz, Pamela
Shannon, Casey (Cathryn)
Sowers, Mike
Stepick, Carol
Stief, Linda
Tanner, Nancy
Tichy, Anna Mae
Tsurumi, Kathleen
Vemer, Randall
Walkup, Harold
Wanke Stephens, Alice
Ward, Richard
Warner, Donna
Weiss, Louise
Wetle, Vctoria
Wing K Leong
Wright, Judith
Yauger, Donna
Yoo, Jung


Building Fund Donors

For the past several years, there has been awareness of the need to update and modify our building.  Greater usage has found us cramped at times, wishing for a larger facility.  After extensive study, a planning committee and the Board concluded that we should remain in our current location.  Plans and drawing have been made defining the future of OSA.

Ken Lundgren, architect and member of the board, is leading the way.  Donations for the project have begun to arrive.  The following are initial donors.  The Board and membership thank the following members and non-members who have responded to the challenge. 

Ginette DePreist
Antoinette Hatfield
Carol and Alex Stepick
Catherine and Ken Cramer
Goose Hollow Restaurant
Doug and Mila Shaw
Tim and Barbara Mahoney
Judith Lidstrom
Gail and Robert Joseph
Joan Fisher
Ken and Trina Lundgren
Roger and Mary Beth Burpee
Sharon and Bruce Hansen
Nancy Tanner
Catherine Rudolf
Gail Vines
Steve and Anita Carboni
Moya and John Lehman
Mike Porter
Laura Pitts Forbes
Meg McGill
Janet Parker
Rhianna Reardon
Mary and Larry Holt
Jennie Chen
Nick Veroske
Mark Ramsby
Angela Grainger
Larry Thomas
Carolyn and Bill Winter
Marilyn and Kelly Reece
Jean Blatner
Kelley Harrington
Robin and Tom Becic
Mary Lang and Mort Bishop
Kristie Mooney
Laurie Meigs
Brenda Boylan
Cerise Joe
Nancy and Gordon Fraser
Ron Croft
Stu and Trish Hall
Ward Stroud
Mary Sue Lewis
Randall Vemer
Dorothy Fitzgerald
Diane Russell
Joanne Radmilovich Kollman
Steve Kleier
Higgins Restaurant
Liz Walker
Jack Robinson
Tracy Leagjeld