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Join OSA for monthly artist demos throughout the fall, winter, and spring. All demonstrations are open to the public, offering inspiration and information from fellow artists to inspire and progress your artistic practice. Demonstrations take place OSA.

For in-studio demos, there is limited free parking and TriMet bus #51 and #63 both stop in front of OSA.  

Upcoming Demonstrations

The Hat Shop, by watercolor artist Ron Stocke

Holbein, Legion Paper, and General Pencil Acrylic Family Workshop

July 18, 2024 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
$10 for members | $15 for non-members

This Holbein, Legion Paper, & General Pencil Brand Ambassador Workshop is a hands-on workshop for artists of all levels and experience from beginner to professional. Along with the instructor, this guided workshop is a learning experience where attendees have the opportunity to experiment with and learn about many different materials from these three companies. The Acrylic Family Workshop will focus on several types of acrylic paint, including Holbein’s Heavy Body Acrylic, Fluid Acrylic, Acrylic Ink, “Mat” Matte Acrylic, Colored Gesso, and Acrylic Mediums, as well as Legion’s Stonehenge Aqua and Yupo papers, and an assortment of General Pencil materials.

Please click HERE for more information and to register.


NOTE: The below recordings are not professionally edited, they are simply what was recorded.

Head Study with Max Ginsburg

Renowned painter Max Ginsburg demonstrates a head study portrait painting while working from a live model. Influenced by great masters such as Picasso, Goya, Kollwitz and Caravaggio, Ginsburg says " I choose to paint realistically because I believe realism is truth and truth is beauty. I derive an aesthetic pleasure in skillfully done realistic drawings and paintings. I believe that realism can communicate ideas strongly and it is this communication that is extremely important to me." Using oil paints, Ginsburg will demonstrate the process of creating a study for future portraits. Active as an illustrious artist and teacher, Max Ginsburg's paintings have received numerous awards and reside in prominent collections around the country.

To purchase a copy, please contact the office | $35

Reverse Glass Painting with Nicole Poole

Learn how to design and reverse transfer your design onto glass and begin the process of painting backwards. In traditional painting one generally builds upon a background; with this method the painter begins with the minute details and works backwards in layers ending with background. The results are a polished and jewel-like painting!

Click HERE for the recording of this demo. 

Creating a Tonalist Landscape with Michael Orwick

Start to finish... watch Michael paint this landscape in a limited tonal palette in oils. 

Click HERE for the recording of this demo.

Painting Realistic Skin Tones with Kelsey Birsa

Learn to paint skin tones! In this demo, discover how to use oil glazes to paint realistic and glowing skin tones of all shades. Kelsey demonstrates color mixing, problem solving, and ways to think about light when using glazes. These techniques, derived from traditional oil painting, will help you create images with luminous depth to enriching your artwork!

Click HERE for the recording of this demo

Layered Texturing In Watercolor And Mixed Media - Creating a Strong Design Foundation with Anji Grainger

A sneak preview of what we will be learning in the June 10 -12 workshop.  In this Demo, Anji will show two of the texture techniques for adding depth and interesting foundations for a painting.  First a gesso underlayer and second, a watercolor background underlayer for a painting. This can also be done with fluid acrylics.

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo.  Note, the recording starts about 3 seconds in.

How Did Papa Cezanne Do It? presented by Jef Gunn

We'll look at the ways in which Papa Cézanne went about developing a painting through conscious changes in drawing and incorporating perspective from multiple views to create a coherent composition. This way of understanding Cézanne's composition, and his contribution to the practice of painting, comes from the 1946 book by Erle Lorain. Jef has taught this as a full class a number of times.

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo

PROCREATE! See what you can do on an iPad with Elaine Pawski

Join Elaine as she critiques a painting while asking for some suggestions from the group as to what might have been done differently. Using a photo of the painting, using Procreate, she will demo how some of those suggestions would change the outcome of the piece, ending up with several different versions of the same painting.  

Also, Elaine will show how to do quick preliminary sketches in Procreate and non-destructive problem solving when you are stuck midway thru a painting.

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo. 

Oil Painting with Joanne Kollman

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo. 

Painting Magic with Lynne Wintertmute

Painting in Oil & Cold Wax medium is truly a magical experience. Cold Wax allows light to enter your painting move around and give a luminous finish to your work. No other medium gives the artist the ability to build up layers, blend, scratch, mark, reduce and so much more. Whether painting realism or abstract you will love the medium.  Lynne Wintermute

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo. 

Mat Cutting Tips & Tricks with Framer Seth Weber presented by I’ve Been Framed

How to best show off your art with matting. Single mats, double mats, float mounting, and hinging techniques will all be discussed.  

Free for OSA Members / $15 for Non members.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a link to the recording.

Dynamic Compositions With Natural Subjects with Zebith Thalden

"Zebith will describe her method of layering media to create highly realistic subjects. In her workshops, she teaches this technique, along with other simple tricks, to create dynamic compositions and natural subjects that appear incredibly 3-dimensional and life-like. In September 2021, Zebith is offering private art lessons, the description can be found at the bottom of the classes page."   Zebith Thalden

Click HERE for the link to the recording of this demo.

Experience The Passion Of Pastel Painting with Teresa Saia

Teresa has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Her passion for pastel began in 2001 and she has established herself as a premier Pastelist with her teaching techniques of contemporary Impressionism. Enjoy a one-hour demonstration of her technique, while she gives you a peek into what will be taught in detail during her 3 day workshop April 9-11. She has achieved Master Pastelist with IAPS and signature status with the American Impressionist Society. Always striving for dynamic mark making, a rich, radiant palette and evoking moods that engage the viewer.   
Teresa Saia

Click HERE for a link to a recording of this demo and click HERE to for OSA's interview with Teresa.

Botanical Exploration with Dorota Haber-Lehigh

Dorota will share her passion for botanical drawing and how she became interested in botanicals. She will share her practice of sketching, drawing from observation and developing botanical drawings using pen and ink and colored pencils. She will also share favorite tricks for botanical drawing.
Dorota Haber-Lehigh

Click HERE for a link to a recording of this demo.

Composition & Design with Sandra Pearce

Sandra Pearce has been painting in watercolor for over 30 years and has been drawing all her life. As a teaser to Sandra’s workshop, please join this free demo on Composition and Design.  

Then join her workshop the weekend of March 18. Open to levels of ability, all media, and subject matter. Learn principles of composition and design, apply them to improve your work, and know when and how you can break free from them successfully.    Sandra Pearce

Click HERE for a recording of this demo.

iPhone - Storyography with Mary Anne Funk

During this demonstration Mary Anne will talk briefly about how to use your cell phone to record a personal narrative or interview with a loved one. She will also introduce you to an audio-visual memory story that brings an audio narrative/interview together with archived family videos and photos. 

Mary Anne a socially engaged multimedia storyteller and multimedia instructor at Portland Community College.    Mary Anne Funk

 Click HERE for a recording of this demo.

Exploring Abstraction: Non-Representational Art with Zoe Cohen

Contemporary artist, Zoë Cohen, will demonstrate the use of a variety of paint application tools and techniques used in abstract painting to create depth and interest in this multi-layered approach to non-representational abstraction. Additive and subtractive methods will be presented. The concept of simultaneously drawing on intuition and intention will be covered as well.     Zoe Cohen


Click HERE for a recording of this demo.  

Creating Lifelike Fleshtones In The Alla Prima Portrait with Joanne Mehl

Working from the live model, Joanne Mehl demonstrates the mixing of color to create light and dark value patterns, and how to observe and create warm and cool flesh tones while maintaining value groupings. Many artists struggle with the creation of realistic flesh tones in portrait and figure painting. Since skin reflects light and color, the acute observation of warm and cool tones and perception of subtle hue changes are crucial. So is the ability to group values, in order to create the illusion of form.

Joanne Mehl has been a professional artist and instructor specializing in commissioned portraiture and figure painting since 1985. She currently teaches various classes and workshops at OSA. She is a graduate with Honors in Illustration from The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Click HERE for a recording of this demo.  

Lightroom Photography with James Parker

If you are new to digital editing or frustrated with your photographs just not turning out the way you want, join me in this 1 hour online overview of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom will help speed up your editing, streamline your workflow, and allow you to easily create the photo you want.  Don't miss this free demo! 

Want to learn more?  James will be teaching a series of classes starting February 1.  Click here for more information and to register.
If you have not yet subscribed to Adobe Lightroom, here is the link.  Note: select the Lightroom/Photoshop combo for the best value.


Click HERE for a recording of this demo

Painting On An iPad with Elaine Pawski

As Elaine demonstrates, she will highlight a few of the brushes in Procreate that can emulate watercolor, oils or pastels. She will also show some of the features unique to digital painting that aid in your rendering as well as allow you to work out your composition and values.

After demonstrating, Elaine will talk a little about how to print for final presentation or use this painting as a study for a larger painting.  
Elaine teaches Procreate on the iPad on Wednesday evenings.

Click HERE for a recording of this demo.

Expressing The Landscape with Steve Kleier

The big and easy forms of the landscape are great for an artist. In this demonstration Steve shows how to use them to create trees, rocks, and water for a natural and expressive effect. Get out your watercolors and paint along or just sit back and watch. Either way, don’t miss this exciting demonstration.

Click HERE for the recording of this Video

Monotype: The Painterly Print with Scott Gellatly

Scott will demonstrate several techniques, from the traditional to the experimental, in this unique process and will show how to create imagery that cannot be achieved through painting.

Monotype is a natural extension from painting to printmaking - it is the most painterly method of printmaking and is often called ‘the painterly print.’” – Scott Gellatly 


Click HERE for a recording of this Demo.  Click HERE for the PowerPoint presentation.