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Thank You OSA Donors & Sponsors:

The Oregon Society of Artists is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the education and nurturing of talent in the visual arts.

Our Mission is to promote the visual arts in the diverse communities of our region with educational and exhibition opportunities for artists at all levels of accomplishment. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to promote the visual arts in our region.

Thank you to these foundations who support OSA's programming:                                                                 

The American Legion
The Jackson Foundation
The McGraw Family Foundation
The Oregon Cultural Trust
The Reser Family Foundation  
The Swigert-Warren Foundation

The Keller Foundation
The James and Marion Miller Foundation
Multnomah County Cultural Coalition
Randall Charitable Trust
The Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
The Hoover Family Foundation

The Braemar Charitable Trust
The Kinsman Foundation
The Oregon Arts Commission 
The Regional Arts & Culture Council
Bullseye Glass





Thank you to these businesses who support OSA throughout the year:        

Thank you to those individuals who generously support OSA's programs and operations.

The Board and Membership thank those who donated in the year 2023 for their generosity.

Peggy Akerman
Bob Amundson
Keith Bailey
Bill Bailey
Susan Bartholomew
Robin Becic
Chita Becker
Robert Bergstrom
Mary Ann Billings
Joe Bottomly
Rachael Bowles
Joseph Boylan
Joe Cerise
Judith Charney
Delores Day
Jacqueline DeGagne
Dave Delaney
Ginette DePreist
Mary Dick
Barbara Dierks
Walter Duddington
Judy Edwards
Alison Ehmig
Susan Fernald
Christine Fortner
Sally Gibson
Hilary Gripekoven
Julia Hannegan
Sharon Hansen
Janet and Wayne Hanson
Martha Hodgkinson
Gail Joseph

Robin Kerr
James F. King
Gail Kingsley
Steve Kleier
Morley Knoll
Taryn Kuenzi
Reuel Kurzet
Barbara Legacy
Moya Lehman
Diane Mackenzie
Tim Mahoney
Sue Mall
Jennifer Mark
Chas Martin
Judy Matarazzo
Andrew and Sarah Meigs
Jerry Mishler
Susan Monti
Stanley Morrison
MaryAnn Mouchka
Judy Murphy
Michael Musto
Kate Nilan
Kathryn and Jeff Nuss
Meredith Pitts
Mike Porter
Bettsy and Wally Preble
Ralph Priest
Carol Putnam
Patricia Reser
Joy Rhodes
Jack Robinson

Claudia Sanzone
Susan Schneider
Nancy Seruto
Jay Shoemaker
Mary Snyder
Nancy Taylor
Margaret Terrall
Anna Mae Tichy
Zvonko Trninich
Ann Usher
Rod and Ann Van Allen
Andrea Vargo
Kirk Volkman
Novena Weaver
Lesli Williamson
William Winter
Lorna Zeigler