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Veterans' Program

We are the proud sponsor of a program that gives US Military Veterans the opportunity to create fine art.  This is a weekly class to which Veterans can attend, at no charge, supplies included.  Veterans participating in the class also have their membership in OSA sponsored.  Dan said “I am a veteran and a budding artist.  It has made my life so much more satisfying”.  

Class is taught by classically trained OSA art instructors both in-person and online.   Locations include OSA and at The Salvation Army's Beaverton Veterans & Family Center. This program has created a welcoming, safe, community for those who have served our country. Friendships have been developed along with artistic abilities.  Veteran art talent comes from all quarters and branches of military service. From the officer corps to noncoms and enlisted. Annually, we celebrate their creations with a special show in our Gallery in November. The art submitted to OSA’s yearend show, is both inspiring, personal and powerful art expressions of those who’ve served. 

Veterans, for more information about this program and to register for the in-person class and online class, please click here. Please call the office to register for the Beaverton location.  For questions, please contact the OSA office at 503-228-0706 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2023 Veterans' Program Sponsors include:  The Braemar Charitable Trust, The American Legion Foundation, the Hoover Family Foundation, Pacific Power FoundationRandall Charitable Trust, the Swigert-Warren Foundation, The Stimson-Miller Foundation.

In 2022 we had the great fortune to partner with Maryhill Museum and their Exquisite Gorge Project II. Through this program, Maryhill sponsored the instruction of fabric arts to our veterans' community.  Lynn Deal brought her technique of painting on wool to a small dedicated group.  The pieces they created were really impressive!  Thank you Lynn and Maryhill Museum for this opportunity.